Hi there, I’m Debbie


I’m thrilled to share with you my love for watercolors and wildflowers! I’ve been painting my entire life in watercolors.

I’m also a bit of a tomboy and love my cowboy boots, hiking boots, mud, pink skirts, and hats!

Although Im not climbing too many trees these days, I still enjoy hiking, wandering in flower fields, and looking for a great new adventure in nature to inspire me!

Welcome to my world of watercolors, where nature and beauty come to life through the stroke of a brush. From a young age, I found solace in painting, especially wildflowers and landscapes. As a tomboy, climbing trees and exploring the outdoors was my passion, but painting gave me a sense of peace and a place to call my own.

Over the years, my watercolor paintings have made their way into homes and boutiques across Southern California. But my true passion lies in teaching and sharing the joy of watercolor with others. I want to inspire those who think they can’t paint and show them the beauty they can create with a little guidance and practice.

My vision is to create online courses and content that not only teach the techniques of watercolor painting but also inspire creativity and imagination. I want to help my students find their own special place in the world of art.

And soon, I hope to share my passion with even more people through the pages of my books. Not only will they be instructional, but they will also be filled with beauty, fun, and inspiration.

So come join me on this journey through watercolors. Let’s discover the joy and beauty that lies within each brushstroke. Start your own painting adventure today and let’s create something beautiful together.

“Discover your inner artist and join me on this colorful journey through the world of watercolors!”


Events and Shows

2014 - 2021

Over the years I have been selected to participate in a few prestigious art events, and awarded distinctions, including:

"New Upcoming Artist" in San Diego
R.A.W. artists events in San Diego

Including many art events:

farmer's Markets and Art displays throughout Northern San Diego County
Solana Beach.